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Zungle Panther- Bone conduction headphone sunglasses!

Its not as hipster as you think.....


Crowdfunding projects often get us some really interesting projects, giving us a peak at the future. Today, we are talking about a funky pair of sunglasses which have Bone Conduction speakers built in. Compelling? Meet Panther from Zungle Inc.

Looking at them for the first time, these might seem like ordinary glares. But there’s a lot more to them. Towards the ends of the frame, there are Bone Conduction speakers which send audio directly to your skull through vibrations, and not via drivers that have to be jammed in your ears. Don’t worry, Bone Conduction is safe.

Talking about safety, your ears are still left open to hear things in your surroundings, if you plan on wearing these during a run or cycling. They connect to your phone or computer via Bluetooth 4.1. They have a hidden microUSB port for charging, which takes less than an hour and should provide a standby time of 100 hours and playback time of 4 hours.


These should be comfortable as they weigh only 45g and they don’t look too bad either. There are 5 frames and 7 lens colours to choose from. The lenses are removable and changeable. They are also waterproof. Since there are no conventional speakers, there will be no audio leak and people around you won’t have a clue why you are head banging.


The current prototypes have a jog dial, but the final version will have a touch panel where you can control the music and volume, without having to remove your phone.

And no, you do not have to pay James Bond prices for this gadget, they cost only $150 when they retail early 2017. And if you are already sold on this idea (We are!) then you can head over to their Indiegogo page and order your pair and get a 20% discount!

At the time of writing this, they are at 3900% of their goal, which is impressive! So what are you waiting for? Wear your Beats!


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