DJI Mavic Air

DJI has now become the leader of the consumer drone segment, where the Mavic Pro and Spark are enjoying huge market shares. At its launch today, DJI unveiled the new DJI Mavic Air, priced at $800. This puts it right in between the Mavic Pro ($1,000) and the DJI Spark …


DJI Tello

For any person who’s interested in photography and videography, drones are the next piece of equipment that they all drool over. However, the cost of entry has usually been pretty high for anything that gives a usable quality. DJI thinks otherwise, and wants to get everyone a piece of it. …


Autel Evo drone camera

CES is usually the place where a lot of new exciting tech is showed off. But, this is also where we see a lot of smaller companies make products that punch well above their weight. The current drone space is highly dominated by DJI; so much so that the second …