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Facebook to get a Downvote button to tackle bad content

I saw this coming

Just like every content platform, Facebook has been dealing with a bit of a bad content problem. Along with that, we have fake news, clickbait, non-optimized content, stolen media and a bunch of other pieces that mar our experience. Yes we know that they are trying hard to make the platform better, and the algorithm does a decent job at finding what’s relevant for us, but sometimes, we need to take matters into our own thumbs and away from their AI.

Facebook downvote

This feature has been rolled out to a few Android users in beta, and can be used in Publica groups. The button will appear next to the Like and Reply options, with a further prompt of choosing the reason for your discontent from Offensive, Misleading or Off-Topic. To be clear, this is not a Dislike button as they have made it clear that this can be achieved via just giving different options to react with the content. This Downvoting system will help to crowdsource the worse content and deal with it in a better way. In a tough fight amongst Social Media to stay more relevant and keep people hooked to them, this could act as a saviour if the execution is elegant. Is the consumer getting too much power? Let’s discuss this in the comments below. Very few platforms (like Reddit) have been able to keep the best content based on a public vote. The difference in the users’ mentality could be the make or break for Facebook.

While this is a great step, and something that most users will appreciate, we will have to see how it will stand the test of Trolls and Mass downvotes for addressing bias, hatred or disagreement. Though, I also believe that everything on the Internet should have a Thumbs down button, as seen in this 2-year-old tweet…..

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