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FireFlies, wireless wallet friendly earbuds available on Kickstarter

There’s no shortage of wireless earbuds out there right now — especially on Kickstarter. The latest to raise funding are the FireFlies, a pair of completely cord-free earbuds that you can order today for the lowest price we’ve seen in the category, just $79 (for early backer only).

The left and right earpieces connect to each other via Bluetooth, which then connect to your phone using the same technology. With the slow removal of headphone jacks from upcoming smartphones, wireless earbuds are something everyone is searching for. And, obviously they need to be reasonable priced.

The main challenge with wireless earpieces is, the Bluetooth connection should be stable. I’ve used a lot of them, and most of them face connectivity issues intermittently. If FireFlies are able to over coming this, it’s going to be a huge hit.

The company says the battery lasts about three hours and they come with a small charging pod that can boost the battery life back up to 100 percent three additional times. In other words, you can get 12 total hours of playback if you travel with the charging pod fully juiced. But, there is no microphone.

Plenty of people have been impressed: The company blasted past its funding goal within 12 hours of posting the Kickstarter page, so early backers can expect to receive their FireFlies by the end of September 2016.

The final retail price will be $199, so this is a golden opportunity you have to grab!

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