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FitBit’s lineup of Smartwatch and Headphones leak, with pictures!

We have all been waiting to see what happens after FitBit acquired Pebble, the company which started the concept of mainstream smartwatches. A few months have passed, and now we get the pictures of their first proper smartwatch along with a new pair of wireless headphones.


While FitBit has been making Fitness wearables since a while, they haven’t made an actual smartwatch yet. Today, in a batch of Photos from Yahoo Finance, we get our first look of these. The watch, codenamed “Higgs”, swaps out the clunky octagonal design for a more traditional square face, and it features a metal unibody case, which adds some colorful accents around the screen. It will have other features like  GPS, wireless payments, heart-rate monitor etc. It will be completely waterproof and should have a 4 day battery life. I like this design way more than the sharp octagonal FitBit Blaze.

FitBit smartwatch “Higgs”

Also smiling for the camera, we get the renders of the “Parkside” wireless headphones. Everyone is trying to create their own wireless headphones now…. This one has a nice metallic accent to make it standout. This will be their first product in the audio segment, so keep an eye out for that.

FitBit earphones “Higgs”


Both of these are expected to come out after Spring. The smartwatch should be in the range of $300 and the earphones at a price of $150.

These do seem interesting and promising, and FitBit needs that after the recent bad news. We will keep you updated as we learn more about these products.


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