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Galaxy Note 7’s always-on display to bring much awaited feature

While Galaxy S7’s always-on display was a welcome edition, it lacked a much needed third party apps support. LG G5 had that, but it was on LCD screen and demanding more battery than AMOLED.

With Galaxy Note 7, it looks like Samsung is about to introduce our much requested feature to its always-on display. As you can seen in above image, the Note 7’s always-on display shows notifications regarding WiFi, SIM status, Smart manager and may be other third party app. Motorola does the same with its own implementation, its just about time Samsung plays a catch up.

Along with that, Galaxy Note 7 is expected to come with either Snapdragon 821 or home based Exynos processor, 6GB of RAM, iris scanner, massive battery, water resistance, up to 256GB of internal storage, USB Type C, dual camera setup and of course S-pen enhancements.

We are just two weeks away from official announcement. So, stay tuned for more details.

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