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Samsung Galaxy X: Foldable Smartphone may come in Q3-Q4 2017

According to a new rumor out of China, Samsung will make official its first foldable smartphone sometime in the Q3-Q4 time-frame next year, although an exact date or month wasn’t revealed. The rumor came in the form of a Twitter post.


We have seen a prototype of the next flaship but have heard nothing about an announcement or launch date. Samsung has been teasing foldable smartphones on the market for years now. Samsung has even filled for a few patents in the same domain. With the humongous amount of R&D going into it, Samsung is surely betting high.

Not much is known about the phone at the moment, except that it’s internally codenamed Project Valley, might be marketed under the name Galaxy X, and is rumored to come with a 4K display.

Galaxy X Patents

No other information is yet available on the device.

Source: Twitter via Sammobile

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