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Gekko GX1 Hybrid Activity Smartwatch Review

A few months back, in July of this year, Sanzar Futureteq Private Limited launched a Hybrid Activity Smartwatch named Gekko GX1. It’s replaced my regular timepiece since a month and here are my thoughts on it, and why I feel it may not be worth its asking price for many.

The watch comes in a well-packaged box which includes just the watch and a user manual. On the front of the box, you will get to see a picture of the watch showing the color of the watch. Ours is the Electric Blue variant. On the other side of the box, you get some technical specifications of the product, along with the list of features. More on that later.

As soon as you uproot the watch from the box, the design becomes evident. It has decent rubber straps which feel durable and a stainless steel plate in the rear. Coming to the front, you get an LED-backlit display with a diameter of 1.1-inch. The watch has four buttons on it. The left side has buttons for turning on light and mode selection whereas the other side has buttons for Start and Reset.

The Gekko GX1 weighs 80 grams which is neither too light nor too heavy. It is amazing to wear this watch as it looks stylish and feels substantial. Before getting my hands on it, I thought it would look like a cheap knock-off of a G-Shock, but it gladly was not. Honestly, I am not a part of the watch’s target audience, which is individuals who want to track their fitness achievements. Let us talk about the features it brings. The Gekko GX1 comes with following features:

  • Pedometer
  • Calories Burnt
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Barometer and Altitude Measure
  • UV Index
  • Temperature
  • Calls and App notifications
  • Camera Remote Control
  • Water Resistance IP68

Honestly, the only reason I raise my arm to look at the watch is to know what time is it and how many steps I walked. And occasionally, I use it to check how many calories I burnt and the distance I walked. The pedometer works fine, as it is supposed to work. It counts steps almost accurately. Accordingly, it measures how many calories I burnt. Rest all the features like Temperature, Barometer, UV Index, Camera Remote Control; I didn’t bother to check them. For someone who needs these outdoorsy features, this watch could be a good entry point. I would’ve really appreciated it if they had added a heart-rate sensor, but considering the price, this is understandable and forgivable.


Also, the Call and App notifications are gimmicky. When you get a notification on your phone, the watch just vibrates for a second along with a beeping sound (which is quite low) and then keeps blinking a tiny icon of either call or message respectively. Defeats the purpose of extended notifications with that level of volume output. These notification icons are present near the top curve of the display along with the activity icons near the bottom curve.

The best thing about Gekko GX1 is its battery life. As it does not require any sort of external charging and it relies on a button cell that lasts for up to one year. Something unheard of in the smartwatch World.

Sanzar also brings a smartphone app named FundoBracelet which is available on both Android and iOS. The app interface is simple and it shows stuff like step-count, calories burnt, etc. What could be the most used feature by many is the sleep tracking functionality. Sadly, the sleep tracking feature on it watch is another gimmick and it doesn’t work properly.

The Gekko GX1 also comes with an IP68 rating which lets the watch resist interference with water and Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity.

In a nutshell, the GX1 was quite underwhelming for anyone looking for a smartwatch as the feature set is fairly limited. But for someone who just needs a simple timepiece with basic fitness tracking and battery life to last you for months, the price tag of INR 3,999 could make sense. Apart from the usual colors, they also unveiled 2 new colors with Slate Grey and Desert Brown.

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Gekko GX1

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