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AMP Stories: Google’s new way to deliver news (like Snapchat)

Dear Snapchat, I know your recent days have been tough.

Google is testing out a new feature which will let publishers roll out content in a visual story, in a format pioneered by Snapchat. Called Google AMP Stories, this feature is now in a beta which features text, images, videos and swipe able text.

While 2017 was the year where everyone borrowed the functionality of Snapchat stories, this move from Google takes that to a new level. I wish Snapchat would also take a few clues from others. Though this makes it clearer, of which direction we are headed towards.

This new format allows publishers to build image-, video- and animation-heavy stories for mobile that you can easily swipe through. “It’s a mobile-focused format for creating visually rich stories,” as Google’s product manager for the AMP project Rudy Galfi called it when I talked to him last week. “It swings the doors open to create visually interesting stories.”

For now, if you want to try an AMP story, head here and search for one by the launch partners. You’ll find AMP stories under the new “Visual Stories from” header in the search results.

After Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages functionality, this will be the next biggest thing to make content fast and easier to consume. This won’t be open to advertisers for the beginning, which might be a better overall experience, but will surely hamper the adoption of AMP Stories. They will be monitoring people’s responses toward these stories, and a positive impression will likely cause a mass rolllout of these.

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