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Google announces ‘Search In Apps’, yet another way to search for personal data

Google, the world’s biggest search company, is always improving. Just when you think that it couldn’t get any better, it comes up with something which totally makes sense. Well, Google has now added a new ‘Search In Apps’ feature, which was removed in the Ice Cream Sandwich because API wasn’t up to the scratch.

The feature will basically allow users to search for personal content such as a name or place. The results in ‘In Apps’ tabs will be from popular Apps like Google Messenger, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Music, and Instagram. More Apps such as Facebook Messenger, Evernote, LinkedIn, Google Keep, and Todoist will also be supported in the near future.


The LG V20, the first device to ship with Android Nougat 7.0, will also be the first phone to fully embrace this feature. Moreover, the device will get a home screen shortcut as well for ‘In Apps’ search. Though, the feature is running on devices running on Nougat and Marshmallow with beta Google app.

Probably, the best thing about this is that it can also work without WIFI or a data connection, and your data isn’t uploaded anywhere. The feature seems to be rolling out now, so, keep an eye out for that.

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