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Google Assistant is hitting eligible devices starting this week

Google Assistant, the tech giant’s personal digital assistant was exclusive for Pixel smartphone. But that changes now. Google announced in a blog that the Assistant is coming to all eligible Android devices from this week.

There are two conditions, though. First, your phone must me running Android Marshmallow or later. And taking Google’s own data from last month, that should cover close to 32% of Android phones. And second, the roll-out is regional. At first, English users in the U.S., followed by English in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, as well as German speakers in Germany will get the taste of G-Assistant. The process will be followed by more language support over the coming year.

The update will come directly from Google OTA via Google Play Services and won’t be delayed by any carrier drama. Users can activate it by long-pressing the home button, the functionality replaces ‘Now on Tap’ feature introduced in Marshmallow days.

Google is expected to hit hundreds of millions of smartphones with G-Assistant. But the exact roll-out in all countries and device eligibility is still unknown.

When first introduced with Pixel smartphones, the search giant sit tight-lipped upon Assistant’s arrival on non-Pixel smartphones. But the move was always inevitable as Google needs more data to improve Assistant’s reliability and the only way to do it is via bringing more users on board.

How are you planning to utilize G-Assistant’s capabilities once it hit your device? Sound off in comments.

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