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Google Assistant Reportedly Coming to iOS Soon as a Standalone App

Google Assistant has expanded quite a lot over the past several months since its debut on the Google Pixel, with the service moving to Google Home, Allo, and the majority of Android phones on the market today. Now, it seems that Google is planning another expansion, with a potential debut on Apple’s iOS.

Google is planning to launch its smart AI helper Google Assistant on iOS sometime “soon” as its own standalone app, according to sources speaking to Android Police. The rumor is swirling ahead of Google’s annual I/O Conference, which will run this week from May 17 to May 19 in California.

According to the sources, the specifics of Google’s plans for Assistant on iOS remain unclear as of now, but the app is predicted to combine the chatbot-like features of Google Allo with voice controls found on Android smartphones. While this move may not make sense at first glance, it does in the bigger picture. Google just launched the Assistant SDK to enable developers to use Assistant on their own devices, and the “Actions on Google” platform continues to expand as well.

Microsoft has launched its own smart assistant Cortana on iOS in the past, allowing more users to gain access to the assistant than if it remained exclusive to the company’s own devices. If Google Assistant does come to iPhone and iPad, it’ll mark a continued expansion of the AI, after Google first launched Assistant on Pixel devices, Google Home, the Google Allo app, and then expanded to Android smartphones.

Even Samsung has come up with it’s own AI, Bixby. It comes preloaded on their flagship, the S8 and S8+. Samsung has said that it plans to integrate Bixby into a range of all it’s products in the coming future.

Source: Android Police

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