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How to enable Tell me a Story on Google Assistant

Google is making parenthood less stressful

On the verge of National Tell a Story Day (April 27th), Google has rolled out a new feature to Google Assistant that will definitely relieve some parents from an incessant want of most children: ‘Tell Me a Story’. Tell Me a Story, as it suggests, narrates short stories when you ask Google Assistant for it.

This new feature is currently available in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India and can be expected to roll out to more countries in the near future. Even in India, Tell Me a Story is only available in English. As of now, there’s no word on when we can expect ‘Tell Me a Story’ for vernacular languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi etc.

“How to enable Tell Me a Story on my phone?”

But if you want to start listening to stories narrated by the Assistant right away, here’s how you can enable ‘Tell Me a Story’ on your phone.

This feature requires the availability of the Google Play Books application. So if you don’t have the application already installed, you can head to this link to install the Google Play Books application from the Google Play Store. Now that you’ve installed the application, the feature should be ready to work. Just call out the Google assistant and ask it to read you a story.

If you have any specific requests for books, you can also ask Google to read that out for you. If the specific audiobook is already purchased by you, Assistant will start reading the book for you. But if you haven’t purchased it, it will still read out a sample of the book for you.

Children in the United States of America can be considered to be slightly more lucky as of now. Google has partnered with Disney to give sound effects to storytelling. Once you ask Google to read along one of the eligible Disney titles, it’ll provide sound effects in real time while you narrate the story to your kid! An exciting time to be a kid, isn’t it?

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