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Google will provide 2 years of software updates to Pixel phones and here’s why

Unless you are living under the rock, Google announced first ‘Made by Google’ Pixel phones last week. In an unsurprising move, Google reviled that it will provide 2 years of software updates and 3 years of security patches to its brand new Pixel smartphones. Meaning, your beloved Pixel is eligible for whatever Android version come in October 2018 and regular security updates till 2019 end.

In terms of Android updates, this is nothing new. Every major OEM already provides 2 years of software updates to its flagship. But Pixels will be the first one to get them followed by Samsung Galaxy and others.

Looking at the way Google is pitching Pixels directly at Apple’s iPhones, one would have expected to receive at least 3 years of software updates. But there could be two reasons behind it. First, it’s a practical move. Google wants 1st gen Pixel owners to upgrade to whatever 3rd gen come in 2018. And second, current Pixels are rocking Snapdragon 821 processor from Qualcomm. So unlike Apple, Google just can’t control every aspect of a phone and had to rely on Qualcomm to provide required drivers for Snapdragon 821. And two years from now, the search giant isn’t sure of Qualcomm’s commitments towards current flagship CPU. So it’s better not to make any promises now. And that’s one of few reasons why Google is looking forward to develop and use in-house SoC in future Pixel phones.

What are your thoughts about it? Are disappointed with only 2 years of promised updates? Sound off in comments.

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