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Here are the best tech podcasts of India

Shut your eyes and put your earphones on

Podcasts are steadily gaining momentum and are the next big thing in the media industry. Because of the penetration of mobiles and tighter schedules, podcasts have gained popularity amongst a large chunk of smartphone owners. People wanting to multitask, find it easier to listen to podcasts while commuting, running or while doing household chores.

And to be honest, aren’t we all tired of catching tech on YouTube! It’s monotonous, repetitive and a strain to your eyes. So if you’ve been wanting to switch to podcasts, we’ve rounded up the perfect list to satisfy all your tech cravings.

1) Orbital (Listen)

Orbital is a weekly podcast hosted by Pranay Parab that focuses on tech developments in India and around the world. The show also features a diverse range of experienced writers from NDTV’s Gadget360 who come together to discuss the latest and greatest in tech. From reviewing the latest gadgets to talking about upcoming tech trends, this podcast covers everything.

2) Shunya One (Listen)

Shunya One is another interesting podcast that revolves around tech that regularly features big names from the Indian tech industry. Roundtable discussions on trends that are shaping the industry are a regular on this podcast show. My favourite episode is the one that features Armando Osuna (VP at CleverTap) where they talk about the future of AI, AR, driverless cars and weed tech, all in one episode!

3) The Indian Startup Show (Listen)

While this is not a tech podcast per se, you shouldn’t be missing out on it. The Indian Startup Show, as the name suggests, talks about the Indian startup scene and involves discussions with entrepreneurs of all colours and kinds. Since it’s about startups, it regularly features tech startups trying to solve problems with next-gen technology. Don’t miss out on episode #101 in which Govind Upadhyay (Cofounder of LEDsafari) shares his journey on bringing solar-powered light to students in India & Africa and clinching a spot in Forbes 30 under 30 in the process!

4) Simblified (Listen)

Simblified is another podcast that doesn’t have its spotlight on tech, but a wide range of topics. Simblified focuses on breaking down complex topics  with the help of some humour so that they’re easier to digest for all. They regularly feature stories about tech or ones that are derived from the tech world. For people who have been wanting to understand the Flipkart-Walmart deal or How Facebook Targets You, make sure to check them on your favourite podcast app.

5) Cryptocurrency India Weekly (Listen)

Bitcoins and cryptocurrency made a huge wave around the world last year. But while Bitcoins aren’t at the top of their game now, cryptocurrency is still a hot topic and has experienced a lot of developments since. So if you’re looking to keep a tab on cryptocurrency developments in India and around the world, you know what to search for on your podcast app.


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