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HoloLens starts shipping to Devs and Partners today

Microsoft has announced today at Build 2016 that HoloLens has started shipping to Developers and Enterprise Partners. An app from the Project “Share your idea”, Galaxy Explorer, will be made available on the Windows Store shortly, and all of the code from it is going to be online through GitHub. HoloLens will be incorporating Gaze, gesture and other support, while also working on bringing videos and blog posts to the unit.

Japan Airlines is using it for training, Case Wester Reserve University is using it to image human anatomy in 3D. It also allows for them to have remote interactions with other HoloLens users as it imports head and hand movement. Some of the other partners include Taq tile, Lowes, VW, Cleveland Clinic, JPL, NASA, Thyssenkrupp, Identity Mine, Airbus, Trimble, Audi, Audio Kinetic, Autodesk, Volvo, Saab and many others. We have barely seen the beginning of what the HoloLens is capable of, and we have already seen some incredible uses for it.


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