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Can HTC 10 be the saviour of a sinking ship?

For the last few years, we are pretty much familiar with the financial condition of HTC. Hell, even at one point, their total market value was considered as zero. So, what took one of the most loved Android OEM to that level? And can they bounce back in 2016?

HTC Stock Graph
YoY Stock Value

As you can see the chart above, the stock price has fallen drastically after gaining a significant momentum in 2011-12. At one-point trending at NTD 1200 in 2011, is now down at NTD 86.09. This alone shows the epic downfall for the firm.

HTC One M8 M9 M10

Let’s go back in 2013. With the introduction of One M7, HTC defined the “Premium” category in the Android world. It also brought robust sales for the company. Then came M8 and it was more of a refinement of M7 rather than the revolution. Enter 2015, the most damaging year for the Taiwan OEM. First, the One M9 failed to bring anything new to the table and second it suffered from being the early adopter of Snapdragon 810. Add to that, HTC confused the world with total four variants of M9. Regular M9 for western countries, M9+ and E9+ for India, One ME for China! Fewww….

HTC Revenue Graph
YoY Revenue in Billion (NTD)

Revenues have fallen too. The company failed to gain market share after their peak time and the inability to explore new opportunities like smartwatches, fitness tracker or VR headsets have leave them only with smartphone business to gain green cash. As you can see, the company which completed 2011 with NT $465 bn revenue, ended up last year with only NT $121 bn!

Fast forward to 2016. After months of speculations and continuous teasing, HTC 10 finally saw the light of day on 12th April. And what a time to bring it to the market! After One M9’s disastrous performance and some controversial design decision (*cough* A9 *cough*) in 2015, HTC really needed something refreshing that can stand out in this crowded Android world.

HTC Desire Series

Well, early reviews do indicate that the 10 is a really capable offering from the Taiwan manufacture that can stand neck to neck with the likes of Galaxy S7 and LG G5. But, then the question arise here, can HTC translate it into some healthy sales?

As noted by Vlad Savov of Verge, “HTC 10 is a great boring smartphone.” And we couldn’t agree more. The 10 has got all the basics right but what it lacks is the standout features like S7’s curved screen and water resistance or G5’s modular design. David Ruddock of Androidpolice also summed up his review by concluding “HTC 10 is the best offerings from Taiwan manufacture in recent years, but at $700 they are asking too much.”

HTC 10 may get them some boost in sales but I personally think, it would be unfair to put all the responsibility on 10’s shoulders to change their fortune. HTC will need more blockbuster offerings like this to turn the ship.

So, what do you think? Is it ‘too little too late’ for the Taiwan firm? Can they deliver super hit box office results in 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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