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Instagram Direct Messages Just Became More like Snapchat

You can now send Timed as well as Permanent Messages

Instagram is rolling out new Direct messaging features to both Android and iOS devices. These new features employ the same disappearing photo and video mechanism that Snapchat became famous for. You can tap to view the disappearing content in the same message thread where you’ve already been chatting with your friends, and like Snapchat, you can only replay the messages one other time.

Instagram has been introducing new abilities for a while now, in a bid to get users to indulge in more private messaging in-app. In November, Instagram introduced the ability to send short-timed photos and videos in Direct, however they appeared in a separate thread altogether. Now, Instagram has revamped Direct to bring all of the conversations – ephemeral or permanent ones – into one thread. This isn’t the first time Instagram has followed Snapchat’s lead.

Instagram says that Direct is now up to 375 million monthly users, up from just 300 million in November. Back in August, when Stories launched, the feature was at 250 million monthly users, so it’s seen a huge amount of growth this year.

The new Instagram Direct is available for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play as part of Instagram version 10.16.

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