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Google I/O: More Than 2 Billion People Use Android OS

Every year Google kicks off Google I/O event with stats about Android and it’s most used services. And this time it’s no different. The company CEO Sundar Pichai starts off the show with the same.

Android has become a go-to choice for more than 2 Billion people. Unsurprisingly, Drive users also jumped at an impressive 800 million figure. The recently announced G Assistant is already serving on more than 100 million smartphones. Google Photos, which launched two years ago with Android Marshmallow, now powers almost half a billion users around the word.

Along the side, Google also added their speech to text recognition algorithm now accounts for more than 95% of accuracy. The number stood at 92% in 2015.

We will be covering I/O 2017 with every detail. Check out our feature page here.

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