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Multiple Reports Emerge of iPhone 8 Battery Swelling

Reports from a few iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus buyers have suggested there could be an issue with the battery inside some of the devices swelling, causing the case of Apple’s new iPhone to split open and expose the smartphone’s internals. At least five separate reports of the new iPhone 8 Plus smartphones have shown deformed phones.

An Apple spokesperson told CNET ¹that the company was aware of the reports, and is looking into them. Today Reuters¹ also noted a report in Chinese state media of an iPhone buyer claiming a newly purchased iPhone 8 Plus arrived cracked open on October 5.

These reports are coming in from different corners of the world, though the number of people reporting battery swelling problems is small for now. Affected users hail from locations like Canada, Greece, Japan, and Taiwan, so this issue certainly isn’t limited to just one region of the world.

Last year, Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 phone after several incidents of the phone’s battery catching fire. Samsung has since then drastically increased it’s screening and safety process for the Note8, and time around there have been no cases of explosion / malfunction been reported.

Apple is yet to release figures for the first weekend sales of the new iPhone’s, so it’s unclear what percentage of users this is affecting at this time.

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