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Here is what we know about LG G6 so far

LG desperately needs the upcoming G6 to earn a ‘Blockbuster’ tag. The previous high-end offering G5 tried new tricks like modularity while ignoring hot trends including water-resistance and top notch build quality. As a result, G5 failed to gain any momentum and single-handedly cost LG $224 loss in Q4 2016.

Moving on to G6 specs, it seems LG wants to play safe this time. The G6 is rumored to feature 5.7-inch QHD display with 18:9 aspect ratio. The top and bottom bezels have been reduced as well.

The chipset in use is Snapdragon 821. As Samsung claimed the initial batch supply of newly improved 10-nm based Snapdragon 835 CPUs, other OEMs are left with either Snapdragon 821 or a delay of launch till April. LG chooses to go with the early option as the tech giant wants a head start with Samsung, who is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 on March 29.

The G6 could be the first LG smartphone to come with IP-68 certification. As a result, the modularity and removable battery are gone. This may be a bummer for some but this is where industry leaders are going and people seem fine with it.

During CES 2017, there were reports of LG integrating Amazon Alexa in G6 but according to the new info received by CNET, the G6 will instead come with Google Assistant.

LG is set to launch G6 at MWC 2017. Be sure to visit as soon for more details.

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