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Less Than 90,000 Units of Essential Phone Have Been Sold in 2017

Essential faces the harsh reality of top tier smartphones

The Essential Phone (PH-1, technically) was an interesting device: almost bezel-less, first one to sport a notch, modularity, etc. It was a breath of fresh air, where every phone kinda looked the same. Andy Rubin, the father of Android started Essential and that got a lot of people excited about what the company had to offer in the future. However, things never really took off for the company.

Francisco Jeronimo, IDC’s research director, tweeted out the stat today, writing that the device is “still a long way from becoming a successful venture.” The company was obviously not expected to win against the likes of Samsung or Apple, but the figures coming out now are way lower than anyones expectations.


On paper, the Essential phone matched every 2017 flagship, with a few extras. But a price tag of $700 would never be accepted from a new company, especially with the OnePlus 5T around. That pricing was the single biggest reason why the PH-1 didn’t sell too well, because for a little more price, you could grab something like the Pixel 2, one of the most perfect phones this time.

Andy Rubin is one of the stalwarts of the technology industry who created and developed the operating system that now runs on more than 2 billion smartphones, cars, televisions and watches; Android. After he left Google in 2014, having a career that was nothing but above the salt, his hunger for success wasn’t satiated yet. And thus Playground Global was found, the company that helped Andy launch his first smartphone, the Essential.

What remains to be seen is, will Essential be able to make it through this rough period? We’ve already seen companies like Nextbit try their luck, even once mammoths like HTC and LG have been struggling in the past few years. Is there space for another premium offering? Or have Samsung and Apple successfully filled the space?

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