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Microsoft Lumia Sales May End This December

Since months, we haven’t heard much from the Lumia line of devices. After acquiring the Hardware Unit from Nokia, Microsoft has failed in boosting device sales, further shrinking Windows Phone market. The last device that got some attention was the Lumia 950, which too is almost a year old now.

An anonymous source from Microsoft told WinBeta that it is preparing to “end sales” of the Lumia 550, Lumia 650, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL in December. Those are all the smartphones that Microsoft is currently offering. This is not very surprising, given the fact that Microsoft itself doesn’t seem to be interested in the line anymore. There has hardly been any efforts to develop new devices, market them and grab some bucks.

The December deadline seems to halt production, and not sales. This latest piece of information fits in line with recent actions from the company, where it has permanently cut the prices of many of its Lumia devices over the past few months. This seems to be an effort to sell off remaining stock and coincides with December being the final month since the price cuts have become larger as time has progressed.

As well as the ending of the Lumia range, there’s also the question over what Microsoft has planned next. With Lumia’s looking to be ending in December 2016 and the company already stating that Redstone 2, due in 2017, is focused on Windows 10 Mobile. There have been a lot of rumours of an upcoming Surface Phone, scheduled for 2017.

While all this is going on, Microsoft’s Director of Engineering, Laura Butler, who was recently involved in several Windows Insider planning meetings for Redstone 2, has been very vocal on Twitter recently, specifically mentioning a Surface Phone. While the tweets do not give much in the way of confirmation of the device, it does fuel yet more speculation:


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