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Microsoft’s Edge Browser Coming to Android and iOS

The Microsoft Edge web browser, which made its debut with the launch of Windows 10, is now arriving on Android and iOS. The app is currently in Beta.

If you’re an Android or iOS user, you’ll be able to use Microsoft Edge mobile to push webpages to a PC and resume where you left off. This “continue on PC” functionality is at the center of Edge for iOS and Android. Beyond continue on PC, Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android also includes access to favorites, history, reading list, and ebooks.

Instead of using the underlying Microsoft EdgeHTML rendering engine, the iOS Edge app will use Webkit like Apple does, and the Android Edge app will use the Chromium Blink engine. Not all of the features that ultimately will be supported in the Edge apps for iOS and Android will be available right out of the gate. For example, roaming passwords, history, and tabs are not there yet. And support for iPads and Android tablets will be added at some point in the future.

On Android, Microsoft is rebranding the Arrow app launcher as the Microsoft Launcher. Arrow started life as an experimental project produced in the Microsoft Garage, a kind of incubator for new apps. With the rebranding, it’s graduating to become a bigger, better supported piece of software. It also comes with a number of background and color choices for customizing the look of the browser. Anyone signed up for the Arrow Launcher preview will automatically get access to the new Microsoft Launcher preview.

Microsoft is releasing Edge in Apple’s TestFlight program today, alongside Google’s own testing through the Play Store soon. You can sign up to get access to Microsoft Edge mobile right here.

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