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Motorola partners with Indiegogo to Spur Moto Mod

Motorola partners with Indiegogo to help developers release new Moto Mods

Motorola’s big feature with the Moto Z family is Moto Mods — easy to use “modular” attachments for the phone that add extra capabilities such as better speakers, extra battery life, enhanced camera capabilities, and more. At launch, Moto promised that it would be working with developers to create more Moto Mods, but so far we haven’t seen any of those. However, today the company took a big step towards that goal with a new partnership with Indiegogo which will assist developers in raising funds to get their idea into the hands of Moto Z owners.

Motorola has tried to jump-start the developer community before. The Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK) was launched in the US last summer, followed by China, Europe and South America in September, and Canada last month. The company needs these attachments to make the Moto Z stand out; without them, the phone is a rather forgettable Android flagship.

Lenovo is also hosting Moto Mod hackathons to bring hardware developers together, with the first one taking place in New York City in December and another in January in San Francisco. Winners of the Moto Mod design contest and hackathons will have the opportunity to meet the Moto Mod development team in Chicago. Developers who create prototype Moto Mods will also be able to launch a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funding to potentially make it into a consumer-ready product. Indiegogo experts will offer help with setting up the campaign, while Moto and Verizon will help promote the best campaigns to Moto Z owners who would be potential backers of the projects.

Whether or not people will eventually back and fund a ton of new Moto Mods on Indiegogo is kind of secondary — the important part is the show of support for independent hardware devs, and getting the MDK into as many hands as possible.

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