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Google’s 2016 Nexus Phones could feature new Nexus Launcher

2016’s Nexus smartphones are just around the corner, and if these sources are to be believed, then we might have just gotten our first glimpse at the launcher that we’ll be seeing on devices like Marlin and Sailfish.

Android Police got their hands on some really convincing GIFs that show an allegedly redesigned launcher to debut on this year’s new Nexus Marlin and Sailfish handsets. We still don’t know much about the handsets themselves except for a couple of mock-ups here and there.

Nexus Launcher Leak A

You’ll notice there is no longer a Google Search bar, it has been replaced by a tab that can be pulled out or tapped on in order to access either Google Now by sliding from the left as you do now, or you can access the Google Search bar by tapping on the “G” icon.

Android Police also notes that as this launcher wasn’t running on a device with Android Nougat, some features weren’t operational. There’s likely to be tight integration with the upcoming Google Assistant, for instance.

What are your thoughts regarding this new “Nexus Launcher” that may be coming down the line?

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