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Review: ODiN Laser Projection Mouse // The Future?

First Generation Futuristic

The Breakdown

Perfect Trackpad if you have a flat surface available. One of its kind.

It’s not daily that we get a product that is so ahead of its time, that we don’t know how to review it, because it has no competition….. one such product we have is the world’s first Laser Projection Mouse, the ODiN.

Before we dive deeper, I will quickly explain what this mouse actually is (some things will be a little difficult to explain in just words, so you can check out our video review). The Odin is a virtual trackpad that gets projected on the surface you are using it on. This is done with lasers and sensors which track your fingers.

The box includes a manual, a microUSB cable and the mouse itself. Feels funny to even call this a mouse now. We don’t usually read manuals but this one had some useful info about the gestures that can be used. The installation process is basically plug and play.

In the beginning it was weird to use. The tracking felt small in area, and it wasn’t even accurate. But this wasn’t an issue with the mouse, but with the surface I was using it on. Once I started using it directly on my table, and increase mouse speed, this was much better to use. In a few minutes, I was breezing through.

Instead of calling this a replacement for your mouse, this is something closer to a laptop trackpad. There are 2 mouse buttons on the top for the Left and Right clicks. The Transformers kinda guy blinks when you click.

Many of the standard gestures are supported here (see the video for better understanding) like:

2 finger vertical scroll = scroll up and down

2 finger horizontal = go back and forward in pages

Click and drag from LMB = select text

3 finger swipe up= Show open windows

These little tweaks made work a lot easier for us. It’s not the most accurate mouse (because fingers aren’t thin) nor the fastest. So maybe not for Content creators and gaming. But for everyone else who mainly have a lot of writing and browsing and causal day to day use, this is totally usable. I have been using this normally for a week for pretty much everything, apart from when I am editing videos and I am really enjoying this. Yes this is a first generation product, but if you have made it this far, then it’s mostly the novelty factor that has got you interested in it. It costs $69 which enter the premium mice range. If you want an eye-grabber and don’t need the most perfect tracking , then maybe this is the mouse for you.

Pre-order the ODiN

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