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OnePlus 3 is due in a few days, Guess who’s unboxing it?

Congratulations to our team member Aakash Jhaveri (AJ) for becoming the Official OnePlus 3 launcher in India!
He will be the first one to Unbox the device in India!
Everyone knows how big a fan of OnePlus Aakash is! Well, OnePlus recognized this,and of course his hard work, and he will be the official OnePlus3 launcher in India!
What does that mean? Well,the following :
  • Yes,a brand new OnePlus 3 (the first in the country)
  • Experiencing the VR launch with the OnePlus India team
  • Helicopter ride to the Media Launch event, courtesy of Droom
  • Unboxing the brand new OnePlus 3 in the skies over Delhi, in the a Chopper
  • Being a part of the Delhi Pop-Up event
  • Having the most amazing time of his life
The EOTO team wishes him our heartiest congratulations, and best of luck!
Here’s his winning entry:

If you meet him at Delhi, be sure to say a hello to him!
Be sure to follow AJ on social media in the next few days for some jealousy worthy behind the scenes! #AJxOnePlus
Keep in touch!

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