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A day with the OnePlus 3

Now that OnePlus 3 the fanfare is over, let’s get to business.

Most of you want to know how good the phone actually is? Something worth of the title ‘flagship killer’ ? Let’s find out!

I had been using the OnePlus 2 as my daily driver for 10 months now. So some inferences could be a direct comparison. With that out of the way, let’s get started

The moment you take the phone in your hand the first time, you know this is something special. The perfect unibody aluminum carved out of a single block just screams premium. The curves on the back, and the 2.5D glass on the front blend in seamlessly to make this 5.5″ screen device really comfortable to hold. Even my OP2 started feeling like a block when compared to this. Oh, and the camera bump you talk about? Well it’s not that bad. Don’t just look at renders, it’s something you have to experience for yourself. It’s not very protruding and doesn’t rock when the phone is on a table. I spent some time with the team and their design choices made a lot of sense.

Obviously the first major thing I noticed, was the display. I had not been a big fan of AMOLED displays because I cared for a higher Color accuracy and like my screen to vanish when turned off. LCD had become my favorite. But being a busy teen, with a lot of time spent on my phone during nights, the blacks of my display started to get to me. Well, I’m happy to report that the OnePlus 3 has perfect blacks on the screen. Perfect pitch black, irrespective of the brightness. And the screen gets very bright too.

Then there’s this new finger print scanner, which was reported to unlock in 0.2s. I don’t know how much is it exactly, but it feels as natural as just pressing the lock key and the screen turning on. It’s so so fast! It’s a finger print scanner done perfectly. Doesn’t slow you down trying to get the perfect angle. It’s slightly recessed, making it even easier to get it perfect in it first try.

There are capacitive keys on either sides of the home button. These are just dots, instead of little lines. They are the usual fare. And yes, totally customisable, thanks to OxygenOS 3, built on top of Android Marshmallow. So you have options like single tap, double tap and long press for every button, entirely your choice. The power button is nice, and easily recognisable. Thankfully the volume keys have moved to the other side. The alert slider makes a comeback and is also nicely textured.

Everyone knows the is one of the highest specced phones right now. Performance has been great. Still to report a single issue or lag or stutter. Everything seems well tested and optimised. No complaints here. And yeah, 6GB RAM is a real deal. Haven’t had app or page refreshes even when 30 recent apps are open.

The battery life is better than I had expected. It’s around 10-15% better than the OP2. But it’s become almost useless to talk about because of Dash charging. It’s really fast! 40 minutes usually gets me through a light to moderate day. I don’t need to plan out my activities or my charges. It’s more like a situation where I just top it up when needed.

The camera seems good. Is better and faster than most others out there. Auto HDR is enabled by default. Pictures are quite sharp, good processing, quick to focus with PDAF, good depth of field and more than average low light performance. It is going to improve over time via updates. Here are a few samples. Expect a more comprehensive one in the full review, as I hang out with this guy.

OnePlus 3 Image Sample

So this is it basically. The things I noticed in my little use. If I had to complain, then it would be that the phone is a little slippery. I am kinda careless with phones, so I think a simple case should get the job done. Nothing else to complain about yet.

Stay tuned for the full review!

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