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OnePlus 5T is already breaking sales records!

The World has been loving the OnePlus 5T (except OnePlus 5 users, of course) and is going to be the best holiday season deal for smartphones. It’s been only a day since it’s been put up for sale, and we have reports that it is already smashing sales volume records.

OnePlus is also the leader in the premium online segment of India, above Samsung and Apple. They accomplished this in October.


OnePlus 5T sales record
Tweet from OnePlus

As usual, OnePlus hasn’t provided any Sales figures, but we can try to make an educated guess. Yesterday was when the device went on sale across the Globe, at the same price as the OnePlus 5. This makes it the best smartphone you can get for the price. Considering how much hype they had created, the marketing and of course, the overall positive impression by International Media, this feat is not really surprising. The OnePlus 5T selling price in India is an impressive 32,999 and 37,999.

Are you considering to purchase a OnePlus 5T as well?


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