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Oppo shows off 5X Precision Optical Zoom without a Camera Bump

Oppo, as promised, has announced its all-new 5x Smartphone Photography Technology dubbed 5x Dual Camera Zoom system, which will debut on the company’s phones later this year. Oppo’s technology consists of two lenses. One is fairly standard, and another is what Oppo calls a “periscope” lens — a horizontally-positioned telescope lens that gets its light through a prism, similar to the way a submarine periscope works. The entire setup is only 5.7mm thick, meaning it could easily fit on a smartphone with a tiny bump.

Oppo has paired its 5x zoom module with an all-new optical image stabilization solution, which the company says improved performance over its last generation technology by 40 percent, by offering precise rotation increments of 0.0025 degrees. This means that pictures should stay sharp and free of blur even when zoomed in by a factor of 5x.

Oppo’s big Mobile World Congress announcement wasn’t an actual phone. Sure it arrived in a prototype roughly the size and shape of a phone, but it hasn’t yet debuted in an official device. The company also isn’t providing details like specific focal lengths.

The company’s seen massive growth in its native China over the past year, growing sales 122-percent from 2015 to 2016 to become the top handset maker in the world’s largest smartphone market. Camera has always been Oppo’s main USP and the company has researching on the same for years.

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