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Flex Cam OPPY re-imagines what an action camera can be

This will let you shoot like never before!

The word action camera probably brings up the image of the boxy GoPro to your head or probably some other brand like Yi, which also follows the same design language. While these cameras have worked well, it’s a hassle to carry different mounts for different usage scenarios wherever you go. With the OPPY, Boud plans to solve just that.

The Flex Cam OPPY looks like a mix between the Joby Gorillapod and WALL-E’’s head. And this combination of physical characteristics makes the OPPY probably the most unique camera you’ve ever laid your eyes on. The camera has a long flexible neck at the top of which the camera module is placed, while the bottom part of the body acts as a holder (and has the battery pack inside).

Depending on how you want to use it, the Flex Cam OPPY can bind, wind, stand or even be held in your hands. It truly encapsulates a wide range of scenarios without you having to actually attach any additional equipment or mount. This is what gives you complete freedom to use OPPY the way you want to.

The camera can shoot up to 4K videos and take still 13-megapixel shots with its Sony Exmor RS sensor. You can also take slow-motion videos and timelapse with the OPPY. To store the videos and pictures take, it houses a 32GB memory card slot. It features Bluetooth and WiFi to let you control it from its mobile application and stream in real-time.

The action camera comes with a cute helmet that makes it splashproof and a waterproof case is also underway which will let you dive into the pool with this camera strapped to you.

All in all, the OPPY is a really interesting take on action cameras. It’s offering up to 4K videos, 13-megapixel stills, splash-resistance, a don’t-need-accessory design and ‘great’ battery life for $100.

You can check out OPPY on Indiegogo

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