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Palm Phone is now available as a standalone device and is coming to India

Smartphones are getting better and they’re now able to do things that you could only imagine of as little as a year ago (Huawei P30 Pro’s SuperZoom ability for instance). But with every upgrade, it seems like we’re a step closer to getting lost in the virtual environment created by our SUPER smartphones. There’s constant pressure of being plugged in and when we’re busy enjoying our lives, we give in to FOMO and end up being glued to these ‘tiny’ displays again.

Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we’re too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cell phone. – Steven Spielberg

In fact, smartphone addiction got so real that both, social media websites and smartphone manufacturers now offer stats & insights on your usage to help you curb your addiction. But there are companies that just want to help you unwind by making smartphones that motivate you to live life to your terms.

Palm is one such company that released a phone that was essentially made for people to connect on their terms and not be a victim of a barrage of distracting notifications. The Palm Phone is about the size of a credit card but is smart enough as it runs on Palm’s customized version of Android. Wait! So if the phone still supports social media applications, how is it supposed to help me unwind? Well, the answer to that is in the size of the phone itself. For a phone with a 3.3-inch display, watching videos and drifting through social media feeds won’t be particularly comfortable.

Palm was initially launched as a Verizon exclusive in the United States. It wasn’t meant to be a standalone device. But just yesterday, Palm announced that its phone will now be available as a standalone device too. But what’s even more exciting is that Palm is also working on an open market version of the phone. This was confirmed by David Woodland, Head of Product at Palm. This means that the Palm phone will be coming to more markets soon, and India is most likely on cards too!

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