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PaMu – Wireless & waterproof earbuds that cost only $29!

Most fully wireless earphones have to cut corners somewhere to overcome the size constraints. What if there were a pair of truly wireless waterproof Hi-Fi long battery earphones, which wouldn’t cost a lot? Meet the PaMu wireless earbuds!

These buds can be used independently, have an IPX5 rating (you can use them in the shower), can respond to voice commands and also has a touch panel to navigate through the features. It’s cool how much they could fit in, in under 6 grams. It also has auto-pairing functionality, like how the AirPods connect with Apple devices in a jiffy. The charging cradle can charge the PaMu for an additional 3 times

Two powerful 10mm dynamic audio drivers deliver PaMu’s signature sound with balanced deep bass, without sacrificing the clarity of the mids and highs. It will feel like you are in the concert hall anytime and anywhere, music forever, run forever.

Since these are water resistant, you can use them during a workout without having to worry about sweat damaging them. The transmission range is supposed to be 10 meters and should last for 3.5 hours of continuous music playback. For the asking price, I think these will be a good purchase.

Available in 2 colors currently, the PaMu can be yours for just $29 but act fast as only a couple hundred pieces are left at that price.

Get your pair of PaMu wireless earbuds from Indiegogo!

PaMu wireless earbuds

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