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Parrot Anafi: Hunting down the DJI Mavic

Taking the fight to the skies

When DJI announced the Mavic Air earlier this year, it served as a huge step in the consumer droning segment, providing features and abilities never seen before in an $800 drone. It’s safe to say that DJI is a market leader for such drones. However, Parrot has always had excellent budget drone offerings, and now, with the Parrot Anafi, seems like they are finally ready to fly with the big boys. Oh, and it’s cheaper too!


One of the first things you will notice is how compact this drone gets, when folded. Similarly sized to an umbrella or a big water bottle. The weight is also just a hair above 300 grams. One of the key selling points of this drone is the ability to shoot in 4K HDR, giving excellent Dynamic range and sharpness. You can also record in 1080p at up to 60fps, with the ability to shoot in Raw DNG as well. These features were reserved for much more expensive drones. It houses a 1/2.4-inch sensor with a resolution of 21-megapixels. Along with Electronic Image stabilization, the gyroscope is also mechanically stabilized on 2 axes. Due to the anterior position of the camera with a 180-degree rotating gimbal, you can shoot exactly down or above. The drone has a video transmission range of 4 kilometers, and can be controlled via the included remote control. It can fly at speeds of more than 50kmph, and the best part is that the battery flight-time is close to 25 minutes! The drone also makes very little noise while flying. A good touch is that the drone and the controller charge via USB type-C. You get a 16GB SD card with the package.

That entire package costs $699, and is supposed to go on sale in July. This is definitely going to be strong competition for the DJI series. However, we need to remember that a veteran like GoPro also faced difficulties in cracking the consumer drone segment.

While we haven’t seen much footage from the Anafi, if they can live up to the claims, then this drone should be on every potential customer’s minds. The Autel Evo is also a great value drone, but we will talk about it again, when it reaches the markets…

Check out the Parrot Anafi!

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