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Philips launches its new Ambilight TVs in India along with a massive lineup

While smartphones are progressing at a staggering rate, televisions are improving by leaps & bounds as well. From the boxy CRT TVs to flexible panels thinner than phones of today’s generation, Televisions have come a long way. Today having just a good display doesn’t guarantee a good TV watching experience. Apart from just a good display, great sound is essential in offering a great TV experience. Philips’ new Ambilight series is one of those few TVs that redefines & improves the TV watching experience and offers more than just these two pillars.

Before we get to know what Ambilight is, I’d like to get the basics out of the way. The 6700 Ambilight series by Philips currently only has a 67” model, although more sizes will be launched in the future. The 67’’ model has an ultra slim design and supports 4K Ultra HD content with the help of its Pixel Precise Ultra HD engine. The TV supports HDR as well for a more immersive & fluid movie experience.

The TV also makes use of micro dimming that analyses the picture in 6400 different zones to offer incredible contrast and image quality. It runs on Philips’ SAPHI which sports a simplistic & intuitive user interface which has support for services like YouTube & Netflix.

Now that the conventional details are out of the way, let’s focus on the Ambilight technology that this TV makes use of. Essentially, the Ambilight is nothing but a strip of LED light that runs at the back of the TV along three sides apart from the bottom. These intelligent LEDs that run around the edges of the TV cast light onto the walls behind based on the colours onscreen, in real-time. The Ambilight strip can also follow the audio, instead of following the video on the screen. The Ambilight has additional modes like Flag mode (to cast colours of a country’s flags onto the walls behind) and Ambient Lighting (where you can choose a certain colour to be cast on the walls) that cater to all possible needs.

Apart from the Ambilight 6700 series, Philips launched a bunch of new TVs with sizes from 22’’ to 65’’ and prices from INR 9,990 and INR 1,49,990. The TV is expected to hit both online & offline stores from the mid of December.

EOTO’s Take on the Philips Ambilight TV

Having witnessed the Philips Ambilight 6700 Series TV in person, I can vouch for the immersion that the Ambilight has to offer. As previously mentioned, having a good TV watching experience is no longer about just a good screen. It is features like Ambilight that take the TV watching experience to the next level.

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