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Pixel 2 to come with water proofing, improved camera, higher price, ‘budget’ Pixel on cards too

Google’s Pixel was one of the high-profile smartphone launches of 2016. Everything from the design, manufacturing, supply-chain and advertising is controlled by the search giant. We have already seen the results of this strategy as Google isn’t keeping up with the high demand among interested consumers.

Now let’s move on to Pixel 2. A new report suggests that the upcoming Pixel will sport IP-68 certification, improved camera, in-house CPU and higher price tag. Water and dust resistance is hardly surprising as both Pixel’s rivals including Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 already come with it. Besides, Google always wanted to add water-resistance in 1st Gen but they didn’t have enough time for it. The current Pixel already has one of the best smartphone cameras on market, it would be interesting to see how Google improve upon that.

The previous report suggests that Google wants to develop in-house CPUs for upcoming hardware products. But will it be ready to utilize in Pixel 2? Highly doubt it.

This one is interesting. Google is working on a cheaper Pixel. It seems the tech giant wants to expand ‘Pixel’ brand to all price-range, something like Samsung Galaxy. Google’s partners should be the ones worried about this development.

What do you want to see in the 2nd gen Pixel? Sound off in comments.

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