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Trainers, Pokemon Go gen2 is finally here! [Live now]

Gotta Catch 'em all!, part 2

Pokemon Go has been the most disruptive game of recent years.  It shattered records at speeds never seen before. But 8 months after the launch, the traffic had reduced massively. It  started feeling stagnated, and only the most loyal fans continued playing. Could this finally bring back all the attention to the game?

In a blog post along with a teaser video, Niantic finally confirmed that the second generation (Johto region, for the aficionados out there) of the game is coming very soon, with reports saying that 18th February being the day. More than 80 new Pokemon, new items, updated wardrobe and customization are all going to be a part of this update, along with updates to the gameplay mechanism. No word on Trainer battling and trading yet though….

Heavy Breathing Meowth


This is by far the biggest thing to ever happen to the game. Now with much more powerful servers, bigger potential userbase and experience, I really think Pokemon Go will be great again! What do you think? Will Pokemon Go be able to create space for itself again, now that the competition has become fierce and people are cautious?

This article will be updated once the rollout is live. Stay tuned!

Update 17th February 2017: The update is  live now. Get the 0.57 version update on Android and start your journey again! If you are already on that update, then the newer Pokemon will start populating on its own.

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