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Leaks suggest S8 might have Continuum like functionality for desktop

Samsung is surely working hard to have some groundbreaking features with the launch of it’s next flagship, the S8.

If the latest Galaxy S8 leak is believed, the upcoming flagship might provide users with proper PC-like functionality courtesy of the Samsung Desktop Experience feature. From the looks of it, the feature will be similar to Windows Mobile’s Continuum which enables Windows smartphone owners to extend their experience to a monitor and use windowed apps with a keyboard and mouse.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a regular feature of the rumor mill. Courtesy of numerous sources, we have a fair idea of what to expect on the device. Of course, enabling such a feature will bring a host of new complications for Samsung. For starters, Microsoft has the edge of the Windows platform when enabling Continuum on Windows mobile.

The flip side of course is that it is unlikely that Microsoft will be able to compete software wise with the Android store, particularly because it is likely users will be able to run most phone apps in a window, unlike Continuum for Phones, which only allows specially adapted Universal Windows Apps to run in desktop mode.


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