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Buying the Samsung Galaxy S10? Read this ‘Note’ first

The Galaxy Note 10 might get a younger sibling too

The 10th anniversary of Samsung’s S Series saw the unveiling of not two, but three flagships. These phones, today, are probably the best smartphones you can buy for your money. But if you’re willing to wait for a few months, the Galaxy Note 10 might be a better choice.

What’s even more exciting is that rumours suggest that the Note series will have two variants this time around; the Note 10 and the more affordable, Note 10e. If the Note 10e wouldn’t have been rumoured to exist, I wouldn’t ask you to think on your decision of buying the Galaxy S10e. But given the leaks, I would suggest you wait if getting a new Samsung phone isn’t the need of the hour.

So why should I wait for the Galaxy Note 10/10e? Is the S10e/S10/S10+ not a good phone?

No, that’s definitely not the case. The Galaxy S10 series has fared very well for critics and users alike and, as I mentioned above, is probably the best phone you can buy right now.

But as tradition goes, the next smartphone in the Note series will be unveiled in the coming months. And the Note series is an upgrade in all most every way. Right from the S-Pen to even better camera, the Note 10 will have even more to offer than the already feature-packed Galaxy S series.

Here’s what will make it the Galaxy Note 10 worth the wait

1) Battery (try not to think about the Note 7)

The Note series of phones have had a history of having great battery endurance, since its inception (again, we’re not talking about the Note 7). And we expect the Galaxy Note 10 to be no different.

Galaxy Note 10 Concept by Concept Creator

In fact, some users have reported the battery of the S10 and the S10e (Exynos variants) to not be up to the mark. They haven’t been able to make the phone’s battery for a day’s worth of use. While this is an issue only some users are facing as of now, you should probably wait for Note 10 to arrive if battery endurance is of prime importance to you. With higher capacity and better optimisation, the phones will most definitely last better than the S Series.

2) Display

“Wait! Doesn’t the Galaxy S10 series have the best displays on any smartphone right now?” Yes, they do. But rumours are that the Galaxy Note 10 might have 4K HDR displays! Yes, you read that right.

Galaxy Note 10 Concept by Concept Creator

Given how the displays on the S10 have blown critics and users alike, I can’t even imagine how people will react to a display so crisp that it’ll blur lines between the virtual and the real world.

Now you may think that a 4K display would lead to worse battery life. But that shouldn’t be the case. Although the display would be capable of displaying 4K content, it’ll only operate at a lower resolution by default. This is something that is also seen on the S10 range that has Quad HD displays.

3) Cameras

“So what’s new here?” Well, for the smaller variant of the Note 10, the phone is expected to have the same triple-camera setup that is seen on the S10 and the S10+. The triple-camera setup consists of a 12-megapixel telephoto sensor, a 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide sensor.

Galaxy Note 10 Concept by Concept Creator

But the larger Note (can’t believe I’m saying this) is expected to have a quad-camera setup as seen on the Galaxy S10 5G. Apart from the triple-camera combo mentioned above, the phone will also have a TOF sensor. Apart from changes in hardware, you can also expect the Note 10 to bring a slew of updates to the camera processing and software.

4) The S Pen

I’m sure you saw this coming from a mile. The S Pen can probably be the biggest reason why you should wait for the Note 10 series. With a screen this huge, or may I call it canvas, an S Pen can be a boon for everyone.

Galaxy Note 10 Concept by Concept Creator

No matter what your usage scenario is, you’ll definitely find some good use of the S Pen. Jotting down quick notes, killing a boring lecture with a doodle or even multitasking like a boss, the S Pen can help you with all of that and more. With the pen itself having its own battery now, it even comes useful in day-to-day scenarios like taking snaps and playing/pausing music/videos.

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As of now, it’s too early to actually know what we can truly expect from the Note 10. But rest assured, it’ll be a step above than the Galaxy S10 and will be worth the wait.

Samsung Galaxy Note Price

According to what we’ve seen with previous phones in the Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 should start from around $1099, a hundred bucks more than the price of the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy Note 10e (name not confirmed) should be priced around the $900-$1000 mark.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Launch Date

Galaxy Note 10 is far away from being announced. But like we’ve seen in the past, the phone will most probably be released in either August or September later this year. Also, according to a new report, Samsung will apparently launch four phones in total. The regular Note 10 and the Note 10e will have 5G variants too.

Stay tuned to EOTO Tech for developments and leaks on the upcoming Note 10.

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