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Check out this new Samsung SuperUltraWide Monitor – CHG90

Samsung: If our phones are longer than 16:9, why shouldn't our Gaming monitors be?

If you have ever used an UltraWide 21:9 display extensively, then moving back to a 16:9 feels awkward and restricting. Ultrawide displays are a great way to get more usable area without needing 2 displays side by side and all the hassle after those. But then, why should we stop at just 21:9? This was exactly what Samsung must have thought when they launched their new super ultra wide Gaming monitor: Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming monitor!

To be honest, I am surprised no company had yet made a display longer than a 21:9 aspect ratio…. Anyway, good for me, today we got our first look at the CHG90, a whopping 49″ 32:9 monitor! That is basically two 24.5″ standard monitors side by side, without bezels in the middle! And if that wasn’t enough, it is also curved (1800R) with QuantumDot technology and HDR functionality. Immersive, indeed. And if I am not wrong, this is the widest monitor in the market currently.

Pricing and Availability

Before I move to specs, let’s address the elephant in the room. This baby costs $1,500 (INR 1,00,000) which might seem a lot, but isn’t all that much higher than a 21:9 ultrawide. Given the choice, I would go for this one. It will start shipping in mid August.


The resolution is 3840*1080, which I think is perfect. Moving to 1440p would have toasted your GPU. Colour accuracy is also top notch on this QLED panel with 95% coverage of the sRGB and DCI-P3 color spaces. The CHG90 supports AMD’s new Radeon FreeSync 2 technology, which gives gamers a smooth HDR gaming experience with twice the perceivable brightness and color of that offered by the sRGB spectrum. The refresh rates can go up to 144Hz, which is one of the highest ones in the market. It looks just enough gamer-y with slight blue accents and a backlight that syncs with your gameplay. And the entire rig can be moved (Swivel, height adjustment, and tilt) The response time is also a minimal 1ms. In terms of I/O, it has 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display

Samsung chg90
Gaming aesthetics, in both hardware and software

In terms of I/O, the  Samsung CHG90 has 2 HDMI ports, 1 Display port, and 1 miniDisplay port. Disappointing to see that it doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3. There’s also an Aux port and a USB hub. It can be pre-ordered now from Samsung’s website. How many gamers got turned on by this?

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