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Samsung is preparing Samsung Pay for the Gear S2

Next time when you see someone pays through his Gear S2 watch, don’t be surprised as Samsung is currently beta testing Samsung Pay for its Gear S2 smartwatch.

Anyone in US with a supported Samsung phone and Gear S2 watch can give it a try. But be careful, the whole process won’t be as smooth as its on phones right now. On Samsung phones, Pay uses both NFC and MST technology to ensure the wider availability of terminals for Samsung Pay, while the Gear S2 watch lacks the MST. It can only work at terminals with NFC functionality. The hustle doesn’t end here, you need to add supported cards again for the watch. Let’s hope Samsung resolves this one before the commercial launch.

Using Samsung Pay on Gear S2 is pretty simple, just press and hold the back button to launch the app, select your card and hold the watch up to the scanner. The app was available as closed beta for two months but now anyone with a required criteria can give it a shot.

Do leave a comment about your experience with Samsung Pay using Gear S2.

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