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Samsung temporarily stops Galaxy Note 7 production as ‘Safe’ devices continue to explode

Day by day, things are getting worse for Samsung. Last week, there isn’t a day that went without Galaxy Note 7’s horror story. The more scaring part is these Note 7 devices were supposed to be ‘safe’. First, the report came from Southwest flight, where the user confirmed ‘Green’ battery indicator, which Samsung used to easily spot hassle-free Galaxy Note 7.

After that, the reports continue to pop-up around the world about same problems in safe Note 7s as if it almost made us doubt about Samsung’s quality assurance department. As a result, all four carriers in the US launched a program to replace user’s Note 7 with any other device and just recently AT&T and T-Mobile removed Note 7 from the desk and refuse to sell it.

Samsung Netherlands too confirmed indefinitely delay time for pre-ordered Note 7 shipments. This all leads to temporarily halt the production of Note 7 by the Korean giant.

Even if Samsung finally finds the exact problem for battery explosion, we seriously doubt about its performance in 3rd innings. Every major tech media has already put a ‘Don’t buy a Galaxy Note 7’ tag in their review post and we couldn’t agree more here.

Now instead of relaunching Note 7 again, Samsung should simply bite the bullet and scrap the Note 7 from the market for once and all.

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