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Samsung is working on a standalone VR headset

Standalone virtual reality is an exciting avenue that is now very close to coming in hands of retail customers. The idea of not having to attach any external computing system to a VR Headset equates to the feeling of Independence Day to some.

Samsung has been working on a standalone VR headset called the ‘Exynos VR III’. The news of Samsung working on a standalone VR headset has been doing rounds for quite some time now. Even though a not of things are known about it, we still do have some info about it.

The prototype is capable of eye-tracking as-well-as hand-tracking capabilities. It incorporates Visual Camp’s eye-tracking technology which supports ‘foveated rendering’. Foveated Rendering recognizes the area where your eyes are looking at and blurs the rest of the display to make it more realistic and be more power efficient too.

The display is also capable of powering dual WQHD+ displays with a refresh rate of 90 Hz or a 4K display with a refresh rate of 75 Hz. The VR will be powered by 10nm hexa-core processor and M71graphics.

It’s exciting to see the development of standalone VR sets which will soon grace the holds of the regular consumer and just change the way we consume media. It may sound a bit too ambitious right now, but ten years down the line we won’t even be amazed how far technology has made.

Source:Visual Camp

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