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Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Voice Assistant Bixby to be Integrated in Native Apps

As we all know, Samsung acquired Harman and Viv a few weeks ago. Even though the company might not end up using Harman audio in its smartphones just yet, it definitely has plans to use some of Viv’s artificial intelligence in its upcoming flagship smartphone.

However, amid all the confusion, some official information has already surfaced, most of it regarding the phone’s voice assistant. The platform comes off as being quite ambitious, combining strong artificial intelligence with system-wide reach and an API open for third-party development. Now, a fresh new insider source claims that Samsung’s AI, currently known as Bixby will be based on Viv Labs’ platform.

Reportedly, Bixby will be significantly more advanced, and more contextually aware than S Voice (Samsung’s current digital assistant), being better integrated system-wide. As an example of Bixby’s capabilities, it’s said that users will be able to ask it to show specific photos or videos – based on custom criteria – while inside the Samsung Gallery app. By the looks of it, any pre-installed app on the Galaxy S8 could benefit from Bixby.

It is being expected that the Galaxy S8 will be announced sometime in April 2017, a delay of two months compared to Samsung’s usual release cycle.

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