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Samsung’s Newly Announced Bixby Voice Assistant Delayed

Samsung has confirmed that its much-anticipated answer to Apple’s Siri will be delayed. The Bixby voice-powered assistant was unveiled at a special event last month and was meant to debut on the South Korean giant’s new flagship devices. It promised to help users search and categorise photographs and access information using voice commands. But the Galaxy S8 and S8+ will now ship without English voice control for Bixby.

That applies anywhere the S8 is on sale, including the US and UK. So if you buy a new S8 now, you might be waiting a couple of months on Bixby’s most exciting feature. The Galaxy S8 is Samsung’s flagship phone, and this is the first chance the company’s had to repair its reputation after the exploding Galaxy Note 7 fiasco.

Samsung spent a lot of time talking about Bixby during its unveiling event in New York City, including the bit about Bixby saying “everything you can do with touch you can do with voice”. But if you recall, even the demo units we saw in New York didn’t have Bixby Voice enabled.
Last year, Samsung acquired Viv, a start-up founded by several of Siri’s original creators, to bolster its efforts in artificial intelligence. However, Viv’s technology does not yet form a part of Bixby.

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