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Snapchat to let you share Stories on Facebook and Twitter

Say whaaaaaat?!

It’s no secret now, that Snapchat is struggling to keep up its pace. Now with the burden of investors on its back, they are desperate to make big changes to foster growth to the app again. In a move that no one saw coming, Snapchat to allow users to share their stories with people on Facebook and Twitter!

This will enable people who do not have the Snapchat app to also be able to view these stories. This might seem like a small deal, but this goes a long way to help people find more followers and overall increased engagement on the app. It will produce a special one-time-viewable link, that viewers can check out from their browsers.

Starting Wednesday, this feature will start rolling out to the users who already have the updated UI, and will eventually rollout to everyone. In contradiction to the CEO’s past comments, this will be the first of its kind of partnership with rivals Facebook and Twitter.¬†I mean, if Facebook can attack Snapchat from all its companies, can’t Snapchat try to get back on its home turf?

This should help revitalise Snapchat and make it more relevant to users apart from teens, who use the app the most these days.


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