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Turn your smartphone into a Laptop with this gadget!

I am not talking about the Samsung DeX

We have all started becoming more dependent on our smartphones as we are on the move. Which means laptops and desktops are losing their importance as we value portability higher. What if we could have the best of both worlds, in which your smartphone becomes a laptop when you need it? That’s what the folks over at Miraxess did, as they created the Mirabook.

The Mirabook is a 13″ laptop shell which connects to your phone using a slimport cable. This has an aluminium body, incredibly light and slim, customizable, with a high quality 1080p IPS display, a trackpad, storage slot via SD card and an effective battery that charges your phone at the same time while using the Mirabook. And unlike the Samsung DeX, you don’t need to add extra peripherals, so it can be used on the go.

This runs a tweaked version of Windows, which is powered by your phone. SO you can run both Android and Windows apps on this. This makes a lot of sense when your work requires a lot of travelling, as it eliminates the need to carry around a bulky laptop for something as simple as making a presentation. This can also come handy for gaming or media consumption, if you don’t want to be restricted by the size of your phone screen. This adds a high capacity battery, and extra storage and yet weighs just a kilogram! All your data stays in one place, so need for synchronisation; just plug and play. You also get an HDMI port, 2 USB type A’s, a headphone jack and an SD card slot. All of this, for under $200. Seems like a very good deal for a student like me.

The campaign was fully funded in 4 days, and now it is at 200% of its target. We can’t wait for our review unit to arrive and give our thoughts on it.

The campaign ends within a couple of hours, so act fast! 

Get your Mirabook now!

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