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Vivo launches the first phone with an under-display fingerprint scanner at CES 2018

Vivo beat best of the companies in the smartphone game to launch the world’s first smartphone to have a fingerprint under the display. The phone was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vivo X20 Plus which was teased by Vivo last week is ready for mass production and should be expected to be announced in ‘early 2018’.

Synaptics, the comapany behind the technology, first unveiled a fingerprint scanner back in December of 2016. A year after it announced the fingerprint scanner, it announced a refined and updated version in 2017. The company also shared that the technology will be introduced by a ‘Tier 1’ phone manufacturer. It turns out now, that Vivo was the company Synaptics hinted about.

A closer look at the under-display fingerprint scanning technology

The optical fingerprint scanner that only works with an OLED display will offer security of the same level that is found in current flagships like the Vivo X20 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. The fingerprint scanner will sit in between the OLED display and the motherboard. Light from the OLED display will illuminate the finger and help unlock the phone. This technology will also work with sweaty or wet fingers.

Although Vivo might not be a popular name in the western market it has made waves in the Chinese and the Indian markets. According to an IDC Report, Vivo is the third largest smartphone company in India and ranks fifth in the world in terms of smartphone production.

With being the first one to ride this new wave of technology does Vivo have an even brighter future? What do you think?

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