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Vivo Nex Android Pie Update confirmed by Vivo

We also look into why the update took so long

Vivo has just confirmed the Android Pie update plan for the Vivo Nex. This announcement was made on a group on Facebook called Vivo Fans Group by the official Vivo page. According to this new update, the Vivo Nex will receive Android P with Funtouch OS 9 on top in the third quarter of 2019.

But unfortunately, there’s no specific date for the release of the Android update. It will land before the end of the third quarter i.e. the end of September. Considering the fact that Android P was officially launched in August 2018, this is definitely a massive delay. But for users waiting for the update, it’s a relief to know that the update is confirmed at least.

Why did the update take so long?

The problem of lagging or sometimes completely absent software updates has been plaguing Android phones since its inception. Android, is an open source software and allows smartphone manufacturers to make their own customizations on top of vanilla Android.

Chinese OEMs like Vivo, Xiaomi and Huawei have been known to make super-heavy customizations to make the phone more likeable in the Chinese market. Given that they spent so much time on customizing Android to every last bit, they eventually release the same software for countries other than China as well.

If you know a bit about software updates, you know that Google’s Pixel phones are the first ones to get them because Pixel uses Android as is. But for every other smartphone manufacturer, (like Samsung, Vivo, OPPO amongst others) every next Android update has to again be modified from scratch to make it match the brand’s software design language.

And if this wasn’t a big enough task already, there are always bugs in the software that take a lot of time to squash (not literally, of course). Hence, at times, smartphone manufacturers take even more time to release updates due to unforeseen bugs that might come up in the software development process.

Google’s Project Treble aims at fighting this problem. You can read more about it below!

Google promises faster Android updates with ‘Project Treble’

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